Marques Haynes Scholarship Fund

supporting kids in sports through scholarship

who + WHAT:

Our scholarship fund exists to support young athletes, both as individuals and teams, in need of financial assistance to participate in sports - from league fees & jerseys to summer camps and after-school athletics, we're doing our small part to ensure our kids stay active and involved.


We strongly believe that all children, no matter their socio-economic status, deserve the same opportunities to pursue their passions. Participation in sports develop character, promotes teamwork, and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle.


...with  your help! Please consider making a donation to help us support more young individuals on their journey and growth through sports. 


Applicants may inquire or apply at anytime! Please see application for details pertaining to deadlines. 

Scholarship Details

Whether it be attending a summer basketball camp, participating in an after-school wrestling program, or joining a baseball team... we're working with groups and individuals in the community to ensure that all kids are provided the opportunity they deserve. 

Thank you for making a difference in a child's life.